How Ultimate Private Servers Works

On March 1st Ultimate Private Servers will become Eleet Space, the first evert gaming toplist/community hosting platform! Eleet Space also supports non hosted communities so join today and be appart of the toplist revolution!

The Ranking of sites in the toplist are done according to the number of votes that are received each month. A 'vote' occurs when a person clicks on the Ultimate Private Servers voting link on a site's page, and then clicks on 'Enter to vote'. Votes are counted once in a twenty-four hour period and are reset to zero every month.


When a person joins Ultimate Private Servers they become a basic member. A basic member can upload banners 500x200 and the file size can be up to 3000 kb. Only the top 5 members in each category can have their banner shown in the rankings.


Members have the option to upgrade their account to premium. A premium member can upload banners 700x200 with a file size can be up to 5000 kb and the banner will be displayed regardless of the position in the rankings. Users with a premium account will also receive 5 free votes a day.


Premium membership price starts at $5 per week with discounts starting at 2 weeks. You can upgrade to premium by logging into the user control panel and click Buy a Premium Membership.


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