Guthix - The RSPS you should be playing

Guthix - The RSPS you should be playing

Guthix - The RSPS you should be playing

Come join us at for Open beta First off, Guthix is a 317 loading 667, which just means we have Runescape items up to 2011 and some to 2012 Guthix is the RSPS you should be playing and this is why Now the features - Player versus Monster/PvM - Unique boss fights such as Nomad who drops un-degradable PVP armours, and a whole pattern to fight this boss, you must learn his attack styles and run around. Read more about it here Avatars of destruction and Creation both with their own attack styles dropping things such as a Korasi, eyes of mage range and warrior which are the best rings ingame Fully working GWD, with 25 KC needed to get into a boss room A Kalphite Queen and King Black dragon with drops orientated towards casual players and Iron men Boss Pets for most of the bosses Boss slayer master when you reach 99 slayer Single Slayer and duo slayer, 2 points for single task and 3 points for a duo Chaos Elemental, Dangerous and fun Corporeal Beast with sigils arcane, elysian, and spectral being rare drops and a divine sigil being very rare Good ol' Daggonath kings, with right attack styles required to do damage, mage range and melee, and the need of friends here, makes dags profitable, and fun Nex with his minions, must kill 10 of his minions to get through the door and kill Nex, very hard and fun fight Tormented Demons with correct animation's and have dragon claws as a drop Very rewarding to do slayer, Bossing, and PvM in general Pking - Shown the players in wild Frost dragons are located inside the Bh crater which boosts pking activity - Need 90 dung to get here Whole wilderness is level 5, until past 30 which is their normal levels Pk points shop 2 Pk points a kill Minigames - Barrows, Fully working, Kill 5 brothers, go to the crypt, kill the 6th and loot the chest, very nice rewards and Barrow pets :) Dupe free Duel Arena, making it one of the most profitable ways to make money or lose it all Fight caves, Instantly fight a one wave jad, but have fun because if you don't switch the prayer's you will die! Risk your Firecape to get a TokHaar-Kal and fight two jad's at once, a death sentence for average players, but a sip of tea for the hardcore ones. Pest Control is something that needs player feedback on, should we keep it or put void in a vote or achievement shop Castle wars is disabled because its something i don't feel a lot of players will play, but we can re-enable if the players want it Fishing Trawler was also disabled :( Fight pits also disabled :( Everything could be re-enabled if you guys want it! We have working clan wars And we have a semi working Warrior guild which we also need player feedback on, should defenders be in pk shops and slayer shops Website - We have a fully working Highscores system - Voting system which rewards you for voting - Automatic Donations store - Fully Licensed IPB Forums Support Page Our homepage with pictures and videos of the server Hopefully this is the best website you have ever laid your eyes on! Unique Skills Fully Working Summoning, Pouch creation, Scroll Creation, Summoning, Summoned things vs NPC, Summoned things vs Players Fully working Farming using herb seeds,and other things, taking 2 minutes to grow per item! Fully working Dungeoneering, with Easy mode, Meduim mode, and hard mode, with a Dung shop, and with Duo dungeoneering so you can clear dungeons with your best friend, or ride it solo like an iron man - Future update is Extreme MODE 105+. Also 90 Dungeoneering is required for Frost Dragons. Every Dungeon is based on an idea, such as medium is a knight theme, and the boss is the dreaded Black Knight Titan who spawns tons of black knights. Test it for yourself and you will fall in love with the skill, and it won't feel like a grind, like in other games. Every other skill is optimized for Iron men and players alike! With every other skill working except Construction which is a work in progress Combat System A very clean Combat system with everything working in it Multi Barrage on Npcs and players Bolt specials working at a 6-11% activation depending on the bolt Everything in Melee works perfectly, So does Range, and so Does magic Fully working Curse prayers, and Normal prayers So get your hybrid on! eh ? Or just pk :) Unique Guthix Points system Every 30 minutes you get a guthix point, and the counter resets when you log out, so you have to stay logged in to get these juicy guthix points Points can be spent on skilling supplies, food, pots, and etc! Unique Quests There are only 2 quests so far but more will come as Guthix progress's The first one being Desert Treasure which we may remove if players want it removed The other being KILL NOMAD, haha! Great quest and the link is under PvM to read about Nomad and his craze Other features - Every Monster is in the game, so everywhere you go you will see monsters to kill, if the monster has no official drop table it will drop things on the misc table Charms drop every monster kill with blue charms being a 5% chance and gold being 50% Fully working Cannon, with Cannon balls Clue scrolls from easy to hard Tradable Donator tokens which gives a Play to win environment not a pay to win like other servers Donator Tokens can be redeemed for 10$ towards donator status and 10 donor points In-Game donation manager, pay on the website, talk to Sanfew at edge to redeem your things :) Exp Locker at Edge Alch and shop sell prices on 99.95% of items, for a stable economy, and so Iron men and Players benefit from the gold Help channel which you can automatically join Skiller Island - An island which you pay a set fee to teleport to, to train every skill there, a very super unique feature, and the layout is amazing with players in mind, with the economy in mind, and socialising Unlimited coins in the money pouch Iron man mode and soon to be Co-op mode a unique feature only Guthix will have Every shop was made to think about pker's, pvmer's and skillers as one Development team bringing updates almost daily - Check out the latest updates here We care about the players and if you want to pitch an idea or fix or nerf something, we will listen, WE REALLY WILL, unlike Jagex *coughs* Zoom in and out feature on the client Working animations for Korasi, and every other weapon Nex armours, giving 120 hp for full set, instead of 140, which was to op, PVP armour's Degradable PVP armour's and weapons drop from pking + you will be rewarded pk points Bones an Altar, with working animations and correct delay per bone Easy,Medium,Hard, and Extreme Achievements with more being added Comp cape if you have all the achievements quest points and 99 in everything Unique Quest tab, with switchs to achievements and back to quest tab Everything was hand coded, the engine is super efficient, the code is super clean, so there is suppose to be no dupes, and we have tested most public and private dupes and this is true. A server where you don't have to worry about dupes, just occasional bug's because we are humans and make mistakes! And so many other features that you will love, and that you have to experience yourself to believe..... So download now and play!

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